How to transfer your name when you buy second hand vehicle

How to transfer your name when you buy second hand vehicle

It is very essential to have an insurance policy for the vehicle which you want to buy from the previous owner and after vehicle checking you can buy that vehicle but remember that even the insurance policy should be transferred to your name along with the RC if insurance is not getting transfer to your name then there is no use for RC.

How to modify insurer name

Your name should be in the insurance policy of previous owners when you buy the vehicle from them  and many people don’t know about this point and think that the

insurance paper with previous owners is fine and they take that and roam but one day they will realise that it is not valid, so it is important to change the name along with RC and for doing this you need to go to the company in which insurance is applied and submit these documents and know the process and follow accordingly and update your name.

What when the previous owner don’t have any policy

There are many people who own vehicles but don’t have any insurance policy and now when you transfer RC along with it you should even get your insurance policy done and to get insurance a small vehicle check is required to do and few sites offer you a fast check process so that you can redeem your insurance fastly.

What is best for you in these policy methods?

The best option is to get a new insurance policy on your name so that you have a chance to get insurance policy whatever company you want to and whatever scheme you want to selected and monthly schemes or yearly schemes can be chosen by you rather than the company itself like in previous you won’t have any option except to accept all the things. And when you take insurance of your own you can read all the terms and conditions of then and even you can bargain with them and get the best rate to pay as insurance annually or quarterly or whatever option you selected.

Getting insurance is simple in a few companies as they need some time less than 2 days for checking the vehicle and they start the insurance process after documents and payment details are provided by the company and once you pay the policy will be handed over to you in a few hours.