How to Create an Amazon Seller Account?

How to Create an Amazon Seller Account?

Low product costs, free or inexpensive shipping, and convenience were the main factors that led 63% of consumers to start their buying searches on Amazon in 2022 as opposed to physical stores. More than half of consumers shop on Amazon once a week or more, and 67% of consumers decide to buy holiday gifts on Amazon in the last months of the year.

These indicators suggest e-commerce businesses will have a very successful year in 2022 and in 2023. However, you must first register as an Amazon seller to take advantage of the great opportunity Amazon offers. You can  see the video for the reference

How to register as a seller on Amazon

Once you’ve decided what you want to sell on Amazon, you’ll need to go through the relatively easy registration process for Amazon sellers.

  1. Access

2. Press “Learn more”.

Click “Compare selling plans” under the “Pricing” column. It will take you to a comparison page where you can view the differences between a personal seller account and a business account. Be aware that clicking the orange “Sign up” button will directly take you to the professional seller registration page. On the other hand, the “See Pricing” option enables you to select which registration you want while outlining the distinctions between individual and professional accounts. You can learn more with

3. Select either a personal or business seller account.

You have two choices comes Amazon’s seller plans: professional and individual. It is preferable to sign up as a “professional” if you want to sell more than 40 items per month. This strategy will enable you to save money even if you only sell as a hobby and don’t consider yourself a professional. Nevertheless, mind that if you select the individual plan, your products won’t qualify for the Buy Box you won’t be able to promote them on Amazon.

4.Make a New Account

Following the appearance of the page where you must enter your email address and a password (of your choosing) for your seller account, you will prompted to select the seller plan that is best for you. When finished, press the “Next” button. You will then take to a different screen that requests your approval for the notification sent to the email address you supplied on the first screen. It is how Amazon is confirming the email you provided. Keep an eye out for emails from Amazon and click the link in the email to confirm the notification.