Starting an ice cream shop is more daunting than it may seem. There are many things to consider, including equipment, menu, and more. Most people tend to put aside the importance of essential accessories in an ice cream shop. They are as crucial as the pieces of equipment are when it comes to making an ice cream shop successful.


Scooping up a specific portion of ice cream into custom ice cream cups or cones is easier with dishers. They can hold different numbers of ounces per scoop. Dishers are available with either left-handed or right-handed mechanisms, but some have a squeeze handle for easier usage. They usually come in various colors, and the handles vary in style or design.

Scoops or dippers

For hard ice cream, scoops or dippers are more practical. These have no lever for releasing the ice cream. They are for scraping the ice cream before forming it into the traditional round shape known by many. Most scoops or dippers come in a non-ceramic coating. Like the dishers, they also have different ounce capacities and are available in various colors. Some brands use defrosting liquid for faster dipping and provide better protection from crystal formation.


With its shape making each serving less uniform in each order, spades are best for retrieving gelato or removing ice cream from the walls of containers to avoid waste. They come in either aluminum or stainless steel.

Dipper wells

Designed as a countertop mount, these are for storing and rinsing dippers and dishers. They not only keep them sanitary in between using but also within arm’s reach at all times. They also prevent bacterial growth and transferring of flavor. Most dipper wells can hold up t seven scoops.

Topping warmer

These countertop models keep liquid toppings, such as hot fudge and caramel hot. They have an adjustable thermostat and are usually placed in the prep line or at a self-serve station. Some come with a scoop, while others come with a pump dispensing the product with a push. Topping warmer units can accommodate one or two flavors with a capacity of 3 quarts each.

Whipped cream dispensers

Ice cream shops need whipped cream for finishing touches. The dispensers are either aluminum or stainless steel. These dispensers use nitrous oxide gas to make 0.5-1 liter of whipped cream, mousses, and other chilled fluffy sauces. There are various decorator nozzles or tips with unique styles and designs available.

Ice cream cone dispensers

Ice cream cone dispensers allow easy access and display of different kinds of cones that are available. Customers can choose with ease among these. Wall-mounted and cabinet-style ones can accommodate many cones. Wall-mounted ones position a new ice cream cone after retrieving one.