The Best Software to Help Scale Your Developing Company

The Best Software to Help Scale Your Developing Company

A developing company only means that it’s successful, and it needs a more structured framework to help it grow effectively without any hindrances and problems. It requires a lot of funding and planning and the right technology, software, staff, and partners to become successful. It won’t be cheap because it requires a lot of money, but it’s all worth it. And one of the most popular Scaled Agile delivery frameworks today is SAFe, which almost all companies and businesses use to help them better manage the changes and adapt to these changes quickly without any problems.

If you want your company to get the best software to help you during your scaling, you can have your workforce get SAFe certifications. They must have extensive knowledge to become successful in implementing the SAFe framework in the workplace. Thankfully, Netmind offers these certifications. Let’s learn what kind of SAFe certifications are needed and why SAFe is so important.

The Kinds of SAFe Certifications Available at Netmind

There are several kinds of SAFe certifications available at Netmind. The first one is the SAFe Program Consultant, which is more focused on Lean-Agile change agents who lead, implement, and apply the principles, practices, and the five core competencies of a lean enterprise. It’s a part of the business Lean-Agile Transformation. The second one is the SAFe Agilist, and this is aimed at managers and team leaders who know how to lead the agile transformation of a company or a large organization. They must have the ability to lead the adoption of SAFe.

SAFe certifications

A SAFe Practitioner is someone who has the knowledge to use the application of SAFe ScrumXP. They have to be ready to use it in preparing the adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework at the level of teams and programs. On the other hand, the SAFe Scrum Master certification is designed to validate the person on how to perform the role of a Scrum Master in a safe environment. They help agile teams reach the maximum commercial value that they can achieve through SAFe.

Why is SAFe so Important for a Company to Utilize?

When a company is growing, scaling it can get a bit messy. And understanding the ability of an organization to adapt to market changes can also be a bit difficult and challenging. How does everyone know who’s working what? What’s the role and responsibilities of a particular team? What are the dependencies between teams, programs, and portfolios? In times like these, SAFe can provide a strong framework to help an enterprise or a company accomplish imperative goals. SAFe will align these objectives, emphasizing transparency, program execution, quality, and trust among teams and management.

The latest and current version of SAFe has four configurations to help scale the agile of a company. These are Large Solution, Portfolio SAFe, Full SAFe, and Essential SAFe.