Ways To Reuse Gift Boxes

Ways To Reuse Gift Boxes

During vacations and festival season gift wrapping paper, gift boxes, cards and other shipping material mess homes and contribute to instant garbage. It is assessed that at occasions like the New Year’s, valentines and others of the like, more than a couple of million tons of extra trash is produced every week across the world. We know where to buy gift boxes at such occasions; however if we put some thought into the kind of extra waste we generate, we could very well try and reuse old gift boxes or create DIY gift boxes effortlessly. Personally, handmade stuff holds a special place in everyone’s heart so why not?

Listed below are easy ways that will help you reduce garbage. When you are getting organized and arranged around the room, refrain from purchasing fancy and costly portable storage cartons. You can rather repurpose and reuse gift boxes generated over the vacation season and other such times of the year for that matter.

Gift box uses

In the restroom

You can store hair ties, hair clips, floss wands, q tips

In the pantry/kitchen

You can keep twist ties, toothpicks, twist ties, tea packet display, tea packets

In the office

You can keep things like paper clips,push pins, sticky notes, business cards, loose stamps, credit cards, ID cards and gift cards.

For sewing

You can store stray buttons, loose needles and safety pins.

In the utility drawer

Screws and nails, new and old batteries, other miscellaneous items like a shirt box or shoe boxes.

In the ladies room

Hair brushes and combs, shaving supplies, make-up, small size toiletries, sponges for cleaning can be stored.

For the bedroom

Socks, tights, globes, scarves and Undergarments can be kept.

In the art and craft area

Greeting cards, photo storage,ribbon storage. The odds are endless here!

In the children’s room

You can keep crayon boxes, small toys,crayon box, pencils and other art & craft items.

In the pantry

Small utensils and appliance parts, snack packs etc.

For the living room

Tea lights and candle lights, DVDs or CDs

In the office

Envelopes, Receipts, printer in, writing utensils

For the utility drawer

Rags, Light bulbs, random parts

You can use these boxes with the lid or without the lid. Repurpose and Reuse leftover birthday, every day or holiday store-bought packaged boxes to get coordinated around your home. If you have been worried about how the repurposed boxes appear to visitors at your place, use these inside a cabinet or drawer, so that they are hidden away and still utilized. Do this also if it is just a temporary quick fix until you raise up to precisely what you like and want.

PS: Upgrading is not getting something new every time.