Where to get International Baccalaureate in Thailand?

Where to get International Baccalaureate in Thailand?

The International Baccalaureate or in short IB is a curriculum that is designed in a comprehensive manner that helps students to prepare for getting education in liberal arts at tertiary level. The IBO, which is the International Baccalaureate Organisation, is mainly responsible for directing this course and has its headquarters in Switzerland. The major objective of this organization and this program is to develop knowledge in young people that are the future of the world. This knowledge includes intercultural understanding, respect and other related aspects that will help in bringing a more peaceful world. To ace this program, a person needs to do IB Exam preparation for all subjects. Well, in Thailand one of the platforms that offer this program and can help you achieve it is GK Consultants.

IB Exam preparation for all subjects

More about IB and IBO, and how GK consultants will help?

There are mainly three programs that are offered by IBO, namely:

  • Diploma Program (for seniors and junior- (12 and 13 years))
  • Middle Program (for 11 to 16 years old- (6 – 11 years))
  • Primary Program (for 3 to 12 years- (N – 6 years))

These programs can be held in the sequence, but depending upon the requirements they can also be done separately. The entire curriculum of the IB program needs research and balance as well. There are different subjects present in the program that children can choose depending upon their interests. This exam is also recognised throughout many countries and currently there are more than 115 countries who accept this.

Now, if we talk about how GK consultants can help you with this program, then firstly you can certainly set up a consultant call with them and learn more about the program. This will give you a much better idea of how it is done and what all subjects it includes. Secondly, the tutors that they have for this program are highly experts and cooperative with students. So, in terms of results as well, you can easily trust them. For many years they have been giving amazing results of all the courses that they cover, and IB is one of them. So, they can easily help you in mastering this.