How to Enjoy eToro Trading on Your Mobile Phone

How to Enjoy eToro Trading on Your Mobile Phone

eToro has made it easy to get started by allowing you to access the app on your mobile phone. This makes it easy to go through your trades while you’re on the go. The app also has some valuable features. You can make buy and sell orders based on the market at the time and view your portfolio and account information.

For privacy and security, the app is primarily a web app. This means you can save your password and use it anywhere. Essential information such as your trading history, portfolio, and account information is stored on servers that eToro has access to after making an initial deposit. This means that if you lose or break your mobile phone, eToro might still be able to retrieve your information from their servers.

Get started by opening the app inside the iTunes or Google Play store. The first time making an account will require a deposit using a credit card or some other form of payment like cash or Bitcoin. You can create multiple accounts if you’d like, but one account is allowed per person in most markets, including the United States (there are some exceptions).

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To deposit funds in eToro site, you’ll need to enter an email address when logging into the site with your chosen device (a mobile phone or laptop). This address will be used for all future withdrawals and deposits made on behalf of that account holder once it has been approved by eToro staff (this can take up to 24 hours). This procedure must be carried out before any trading can begin on the site.

Want to find out more before you start trading? There’s a whole section of the eToro website devoted to FAQs. An introduction to eToro explains everything you need to know about trading on their platform. This includes how much money you need for trading, some advantages of this type of trading, and whether it’s suitable for beginners. They also give a helpful guide on the best eToro account types, including primary and premium accounts. The different tools available are also covered in detail.