Keychains: The Ultimate Tool

Keychains: The Ultimate Tool

Most promotions see minor modifications. For example, T-shirt caps and umbrellas are produced, and the only thing added to them is the printed logo or the name of the company that uses them for promotion. This in itself is sometimes a sign of a lack of imagination because amending promotional gifts is an important aspect of making the gift more convenient for the recipients and therefore more beneficial to the business when it comes to promotion.

On the other end of the spectrum, some of the promotional giveaways witness major tweaks, such as the types of promotional keychains that come with other surprising additions that make them not just great advertising tools, but effective and efficient gadgets.

Simplicity versus impact

Simplicity in promotions refers to the use of promotional gifts that can be easily presented without modification and further design, providing great savings for the business. The other side of the coin is that recipients give little to businesses that use gifts that have not been properly thought through. This is the reason why some promotional companies choose to use promotional gifts that can have an impact on their target market.

An example of a simple promotional gift that is more exciting with a few modifications is the Porte-Cl├ęs Peluche. Today, it is not just about simple metal keychains. They usually have the following characteristics:

  • Anti-stress keychains. This is the perfect promotional item to introduce to those who experience stress on a daily basis. These rubber balls provide great pressure relief when pressed or squished.
  • Lights keychain. This type of keychain features a small flashlight or signal lights that you can attach to your bike at night. The portability and compact size of this keychain make it an ideal light source during your excursions and camping trips.
  • Some promotional types of keychains are known as electronic keychains. This type of keychain comes with other additional features like flash drive, digital photo storage, or it can come with a mini sound recorder. This keychain, with the exception of the flash drive variant, requires a small battery to function. Compared to other promotional items that come with a few modifications, this kit is definitely a lot more expensive, which is why only high-end companies use it for promotion and marketing.

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Whether you are interested in audio / video transmitters or hidden cameras, the keychain privacy collection can give you peace of mind and personal safety in any environment.