Why massages are so good for us

Why massages are so good for us

The skin is the largest organ in the human body.  Beneath it lays countless nerve endings that are stimulated during a massage.  The triggered stimulus is transmitted in waves through the meridians throughout the body.  We find the stimulation and touch pleasant.  A feeling of relief spreads, similar to a crying infant who is calmed down by a gentle caress.

Our well-being is controlled by our hormones.  The colloquially called “happiness hormone” is serotonin.  Beautiful situations can increase its effect and since massages are one of the most beautiful moments of our everyday life, we feel good and happy afterwards.  The antagonist of serotonin is cortisol, which is released under stress.  A sports massage in Huntington Beach, CA is exactly the right way to reduce stress and counteract the negative influence of cortisol.  It supports the natural, bodily functions so that chemical-medical aids can be dispensed with or their quantity can be reduced; if that’s not a convincing argument for massage therapy.

 The influence of massage on the body and mind

 Massages have a positive and holistic effect, i.e. both on the body and the soul.  When body and mind are in balance, we feel healthy.  However, if their balance begins to falter, this means action must be taken on both sides of the scale.  Back pain, for example, can create a gloomy mood in us.  With a massage, you can take action against the complaints and after successful treatment, the mood improves again.  Vice versa it is the same.  If people are mentally depressed, they sometimes get stomach pains, which can be detected and massaged away with a Shiatsu massage.  The energy released in the process can lift the spirits.

 Of course, not all problems can be solved with the help of a massage application, it is not a miracle cure or panacea.  But it is a very good tool to recharge and regenerate.  A balanced and individually adapted lifestyle is the basis for massages and the like to be effective and successful.

The promotion of massage treatments, especially in the context of wellness programs, has been practised for more than 20 years.  With massages, we associate a pampering treatment for our body, a comfortable benefit and an important tool for maintaining and promoting our health.  Due to the many types of massage, people of all ages and with their different, individual complaints can be treated.  Several reputable studies have shown that massage has important effects on health and well-being.  Especially with medically indicated kneading cures, these must be carried out professionally and adeptly.