A Guide To Buying Property In Pattaya Easily And Legally

A Guide To Buying Property In Pattaya Easily And Legally

Foreign Owner ships On Pattaya Property

Thailand is a country known for vast opportunities and enjoyment and hence people from all over the world do pay visits to this wonderful country and many also achieved PR nd has settled there itself. A lot of people are still out there who are wishing and making plans to become a permanent residence of Thailand or specifically speaking at the city of beaches, Pattaya. It is possible to buy and own property in Pattaya under certain conditions and do go through A guide to buying property in Pattaya so that you could understand legalities and laws regarding the concerned topic clearly.

A guide to buying property in Pattaya

Yeah, It Is Possible

It is possible to buy property in Pattaya and the possibility depends upon the cause o purchase. One can buy a property for a maximum of 30 years with an agreement that states that you will be the legal owner of the property for the next thirty years and if you still want to continue owning it, then, you can extend the ownership after the mentioned thirty years to the next thirty years. There are some other ways too,  to buy properties for foreign people in Pattaya. It will be easier for those who have a PR, unlike other foreign people.

If you are planning to lead a peaceful family life in a quiet place then it will be better for you to go for getting home but if your priority is to live a lavish life with all amenities then do change the plan into getting a condo which will be more expensive compared to the expense in buying a home. There are many facilities available in cond such as common gym, swimming pool, parking areas,etc but when it comes to owning a home you can get private pools and so and will not have to share it with anyone. There are pros as cons in the case of both owning a condo and home and hence do go through A guide to buying property in Pattaya and then choose the better option for you.

Do Open A Bank Account

To make money transactions, one should open a bank account in Thailand and some documents and information are required to mark the transactions as legal and those are

  • Passport
  • Condo or apartment rental agreement
  • ID Proof
  • Thai Baht deposits of a minimum of 500
  • Work Permit

With proper guidance and knowledge regarding the whole process, one could easily go through all the procedures and buy property easily comparing to the other ones. So, clearly understand the legalities, procedures, requirements,etcregarding buying property in Pattaya and seek the help of any eligible and trustworthy servicing company for proper guidance if required.