Cannabis Sativa: The Treasure House Of Cannabinoids

Cannabis Sativa: The Treasure House Of Cannabinoids

Cannabis sativa is a plant that finds its mention in a number of folk medicine texts and manuscripts. Considered a treasure house of compounds having bioactivity and medical importance, it has always received the attention of researchers and scientists around the world. Therefore, many compounds have been isolated, modified, and applied for treating various ailments occurring in humans that too to varying degrees. It originated in central Asia and is infamous for producing nearly 100 types of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids, a class of chemicals, represent the most detailed studied chemical class owing to their use in treating psychological and mental health disorders.

Let’s know CBD

CBD, discovered back in the 1940s, is one of these cannabinoids and is known as cannabidiol. It is derived from the popular varieties of Cannabis sativa, hemp, and marijuana. Nonetheless, Shop CBD from Cheefbotanicals nearest store, is obtained from marijuana, and contains more amount of THC than that of hemp. This is the reason why the former is preferred by manufacturers as the higher concentration of THC (Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol) causes severe side effects. It has been demonstrated to have brain stimulating activity so utilized in the management of stress, insomnia, etc. However, the most important reason behind its popularity is that it leads to health benefits without putting you on a high, which is common with other cannabinoids such as THC. It also does not lead to impairing of memory and coordination.

Various forms of CBD

CBD is now being marketed in a variety of products from foods, and drinks to capsules and oils. Gummies have also been developed to facilitate a more convenient consumption of CBD-based products. There are different receptors that are targeted by CBD-based products for treating different ailments. CBD has yielded promising results for treating mental ailments, such as anxiety, depression, neurological problems, and even tumors. Although, a number of studies have highlighted the variety of side effects associated with the consumption of CBD in whatever form. It includes dizziness, fatigue, and reduced appetite.  A few CBD-containing products have been found to contain undesired foreign elements that can be extremely harmful if consumed above a certain concentration. Many of these products are also unable to pass the drug tests, which suggests that there exists a high degree of mismanagement at the level of the manufacturer as well as those involved in the marketing of these products.