Getting high has never been as much fun as it is now

Why is it so much fun to get high? Smoking marijuana is a communal activity that people like to share. You take a few tokes off a joint and pass it on to the person next to you. A party just isn’t a party if everyone isn’t in a circle passing a little pot from person to person. Though, let’s admit it, smoking while you’re alone is fun too. Everyone has had one of those moments where they fire up a bowl while turning into their favorite television show. It’s all about having fun, and there’s always plenty of it to be had when there’s marijuana involved.

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There’s so much enjoyment no matter how you consume weed

Some of you like to smoke your weed in joints while others like to take bong rips. There are even some of you who like to make your own edibles. You know who you are. You like to bake delicious cookies that make you high as a kite. It’s so much fun to give out your cookies and see how people react when they enjoy them. Seeing how high other people get makes your buzz all that much more enjoyable. It does, and the reason for that is because everyone likes to see others have a good time. The whole point of smoking is to lift everyone’s mood in the room to make sure they have as much fun as humanly possible.

The buzz makes everything in life more enjoyable

Aren’t those words the truth! The most boring tasks seem so much more enjoyable when you’re high. You know when you’re baked because even the commercials on television are fun to watch. You look forward to watching anything just to keep yourself amused while you enjoy the buzz after smoking your favorite strain. That’s what happens when you find yourself in the midst of a good high, and if there are people with you or not doesn’t matter. At that moment, it’s all about enjoying the sensation that has taken over both your mind and body.

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Life doesn’t get any better than when you’re high

If you find yourself enjoying some fine California marijuana, you already know this is as good as life can get. It won’t get any better, so you might as well enjoy the fleeting moments of your buzz. Those who like to toke know that you have to pause and enjoy the buzz because it doesn’t last forever. That’s why you’re the type of person who gets the most out of life without all the hustle and bustle that most people seem to be fixated with.